Made Simple.

This was Marta recently studying for her Accounting Exams. Today she UNDERSTANDS everything about double-entry. 100% Mastery. Here is how she did it…

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What our ACCQ Simulator does for you.

ACCQ is our Accounting Colour Canvas using the power of the Quadrant. This innovative, colourful and interactive tool helps you master DEBK and become brilliant on the basics. Experience a joined-up approach to learning about finance that students and business owners just love. No other solution engages quite like this! Sit back for a few minutes to see what ACCQ’s creator, Irish Chartered Accountant Billy O’Connor, has to say about what he invented - and why. You can then sign up and see ACCQ in action before you commit. There’s no obligation.

How you will learn

Understand the process

You will learn the facts - the real facts - about P/L and Balance Sheets: how and why they come together or move from year to year. Plus, see the link between every account transaction come to life like never before. Forget rote learning. See what’s under the surface and UNDERSTAND.


You learn through DOING, not following a pattern or outdated process. Using real-world examples and case studies, we will direct and focus you on getting the transactions completed - and understood. Take action and learn!


Make all your mistakes here - we don’t judge. "Try, fail and fix” should be your motto. So, don’t worry about getting stuff wrong. This is a safe place to learn in your own time and at our own pace. In the end, you will TRULY UNDERSTAND DEBK. A wonderful feeling!

Have FUN!!

Learning should be enjoyable. We see to that with interactivity, energy, and movement - like the up-and-down of our see-saw as we move through case studies. But when the pennies drop - and they will, just wait - the emotional high will stay with you. And all because a colourful and easy-to-use tool helped make DEBK child’s play.

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What our users are saying about ACCQ!

Who will benefit from using ACCQ?

Let’s start with accountancy students who obviously need to get to grips and totally UNDERSTAND the subject. Next, business owners, SMEs, managers, executives or market professionals who want more than a surface knowledge of business finance.

Apart from the obvious need for accountancy students to totally UNDERSTAND and get to grips with the subject, the vast majority of SMEs, business owners, managers, executives and professionals from all business sectors who want to go deeper then surface learning of business finance, will all benefit from learning how the simulator works.

Accountancy and Business Students

  • ACCQcan be used by all accountancy students wishing to successfully get through school, university or professional exams by getting the clearest ever understanding of double-entry bookkeeping (DEBK).


  • ACCQ can be used by teachers, lecturers, tutors or anyone charged with the task of teaching DEBK to help their students successfully get through their exams by truly understanding the subject - not by rote learning.

Teaching organisations and approved learning providers

  • Our ACCQ Simulator gently "disrupts" how DEBK is taught. It can be used by any teaching provider wishing to raise the standard of understanding business finance - either within or as a trainer. It is the ideal complementary, e-learning tool to complete your accountancy or business education syllabus.
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