About Us

We're a team of passionate and professional educators dedicated to solving the, so-called, mysteries of accounting terminology and reports. Our simple goal is to open up the UNDERSTANDING of business finance and reporting in its most basic form to the wider business community. We are starting with students of accountancy. So, we invented the ACCQ Simulator for them and their teachers.

Our Story

Memo to: All accountancy/business students and their teachers

Subject: Pain.

Been there, done that! For 40 years, we’ve been feeling the pain of both learning and teaching DEBK.

Which makes our lightbulb moment such delightful pain relief.

We came up with what we think - correction, what we know - is an amazing solution. Forget surface learning or learning by rote - yawn - just to get through exams. THEY. DO. NOT. WORK. So, if you just want to memorise for an exam and never be able to draw on your learnings again, knock yourself out. Stop reading here.

But if you want to TRULY UNDERSTAND DEBK and learn the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ - not just the ‘what’ - then read on. Put simply, DEBK is a 100% left-brained subject and has been taught this way, forever. So, we wanted to see if it could be taught in a right-brained manner instead - visually, colourfully and interactively.

Yes, it could. Say 'hi' to our ACCQ Simulator. You’re welcome.

PS: DEBK is actually child's play! Shhh…don’t wake the rote learners!

Yours in education,
The Bingbong.ie Team

Why We Exist

To use our financial understanding, skills and new technologies to educate, inspire and support students of accountancy and business owners who are building sustainable careers. We help to eliminate rote learning by focusing on the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’, not just the ‘WHAT’.

Our 2022 Vision

ACCQ has become the de facto way for one million students of business and accountancy to learn and deeply understand DEBK and business finance by complementing traditional learning methods.

What does BingBong mean?

We get asked that all the time. So, here’s the low-down.

Whenever Billy - the inventor of our ACCQ Simulator - talked to students or business owners about accountancy or finance, he’d use the words ‘bing’ and ‘bong’ to describe the wide variety of transactions in the double-entry bookkeeping system.

Money In (bing), Money Out (bong).
For every Credit (bing), there’s a corresponding Debit (bong).
Sales (bing) generates Cash (bong).

We could go on… but you get the picture.

In DEBK, there are two sides to every transaction: a bing and a bong.
Hence BingBong.

Now you know.

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