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Single User

97 /yr
One licence for a single user. SIgn up for an account and select the payment plan. It's that simple!


2 - 49 Users

87 /yr
2 - 49 Users
€87 per user per year
Please Contact us to purchase this pricing plan.
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Business Gold

50+ Users

77 /yr
50+ Users
€77 per user per year
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ACCQ Simulator Access

All of our plans give you access to our amazing ACCQ Simulator

Explainer Videos and 2 Lessons for FREE

You will get a FREE Explainer video and Lessons 1 and 2 of our series of 10 videos to show you how to use the simulator to it's full potential.

Case Study with 10 Lessons Option

If you wish to only take a "look, listen and learn" approach, without purchasing ACCQ Simulator and inputting data yourself, you can buy our 10 lesson Case Study package.This will take you through all you need to know about becoming brilliant on the basics. Once confident, you can then purchase ACCQ.

Pricing to suit everyone

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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I don't renew my subscription?

If you do not renew your subscription you will lose access to the simulator and all it has to offer.

Can I use the simulator as a teaching resource on a personal license?

No. If you are using the simulator as a teaching resource you will need to purchase an accompanying license. Please contact us directly if you require this license.

Can I create my own examples?

Yes. The ACCQ Simulator is flexible and allows you to follow along with our example videos or create your own real world examples should you wish to do so.

I am currently/ have in the past, studied a Double-Entry Bookkeeping module. Is this of any use to me?

Absolutely! Our simulator is designed to enhance your knowledge of DEBK and is perfect for anyone looking to master the subject regardless of previous experience.

Can I use this if I am not a student of accounting?

Yes! The simulator and videos are for anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of how Double-Entry BookKeeping works. Small business owners or people who deal with money on a regular basis may also find this useful.

Can I save my work?

Yes. Our simulator will allow you to save multiple projects so you can come back to and amend any examples you have been working on, giving you the full flexibility to work they way you need to!

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