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What you will learn

For the first time, everything that you ever need to know about the basics of accountancy and finance is captured on one canvas. Using our simulator, you will learn how to debunk the myth that accountancy is complicated. It isn’t. You will see double-entry bookkeeping (DEBK) come to life visually. Moving graphics will show you how every transaction logically links together. The only thing you won’t understand is why it’s taken so long to make DEBK this easy to learn!

About DEBK

You will become “brilliant on the basics”, truly grasping the fundamental concepts. Everything makes logical sense. You will finally UNDERSTAND the flow of money – from where it comes and to where it goes. Moving graphics help you visualise the impact of every transaction in the Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet. This has NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE in any tool.

About Balancing

Using the easy-to-grasp visual of a SEE-SAW, we show how every economic transaction – money or value – causes it to be either balanced or out-of-balance. It makes balancing fun, easy to see and easily understood. No T-Accounts, no trial balances…no confusion!

About Year-End Procedures

You will learn what happens every business at every year-end, when all transactions are finished, and the books need to be closed off. See how last year’s accounts link to ‘day one’ of the following year. Simple! Lovely! ACCQ allows up to 10 years transactions to be inputted. So, pulling the numbers from one year to the next is not magic or a secret anymore!

How your learning begins

  • ACCQ Simulator

    It all starts with our ACCQ Simulator. This engaging and interactive tool captures all you need to know on one canvas. It provides visual cues to guide you through UNDERSTANDING DEBK and business finance more easily. It gives you the opportunity to practice using real-world examples, so no more outdated rote learning. By starting with the end in mind, you will stop working on the mechanics and IMMEDIATELY get to the real purpose of financial accounts.

  • Video Lessons

    We provide an Explainer Video and Lesson 1 to show you how to use the tool and what to expect. If you wish to take a “look, listen and learn” approach rather than input data yourself, we have a series of video lessons available for purchase that explains DEBK and business finance using a full, 10-year CASE STUDY. When you confident and ready to invest in our ACCQ Simulator, you can do so! 

  • Case Studies and Real World Examples

    ACCQ allows you test your knowledge using your own syllabus or real-world examples. It will help you to apply accounting and business finance concepts to your learning and real business situations while all the time improving your deep understanding of the subject. Our helpful Suggested Solutions to the Lucia Pacioli Perfumery Limited case study allow you practise repeatedly until the learning points are embedded. Surface learning will be a thing of the past!

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

    With access to ACCQ, you can practise wherever – and whenever – you wish. You can save and revisit, refine and amend any sample module you choose. In other words, take 100% control over your learning progression. 

Our process

Here’s a short Explainer video to, well, explain things more.

How does it work?

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Master Double-Entry BookKeeping


"Very beneficial in the sense that T accounts are useless (!) and seeing that debit and credit now makes more sense"

Z.B., London ACCA Student

"Clean, crisp interface. Helicopter view of entire business finances. Much appreciated. Seesaw concept, "bing-bong" four coloured boxes should be how financial accounting is introduced in Cap 1. Abstract and intuitive.  "

F.T., Cork, CAP1 Student

"Graphical use, understand where is to be debited or credited, understand the balance and imbalance now"

M.G., George Mason University Student, Virginia. U.S.A.

"(Never knew) that P&L accounts go to 0 each year."

H.McL, Scotland Student



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